Ben Houge, Radiospace 040823

Radiospace 040823

Radiospace is a sonic environment in which an audio signal from a radio is captured, manipulated, and re-diffused in real-time, by means of a computer program written in Max/MSP. The program’s algorithmic behavior and the unpredictable signal from the radio ensure that new configurations of sound are continuously output as long as the program is running, never repeating and never looping.

Created to function as the basis for a sound installation, Radiospace has also been presented as a concert work, premiered at the Seattle Art Museum on June 20, 2004, and subsequently performed at events in Shanghai and Beijing.

A recording of the work was produced on August 23, 2004, at the Hotel Sofitel Hyland in Shanghai, China, for broadcast on Doug Haire’s long running new music program Sonarchy Radio, heard weekly on KEXP in Seattle. The recording, lasting 29 minutes and 53.137 seconds, was first aired on October 17, 2004.

A CD of this recording is being released on July 23, 2009. You can listen to an excerpt of it here. Jutta Friedrichs helped with the cover layout and design. Lawrence Li wouldn’t take a translation credit on the CD cover, so I give him one here!

The album artwork was generated by applying similar algorithmic techniques to photographs of neon signs along East Nanjing Road near the Sofitel Hyland. Further investigation of these processes has led to a body of visual artwork, excerpts of which will first be exhibited as 29 Giraffes from July 23-August 9, 2009, at [the studio] in Shanghai (the opening soirée doubling as a CD release party with a live performance of Radiospace and other algorithmic works).

「无线电空间」是作曲家将从收音机中捕捉到的声响信 号通过用 Max/MSP 写成的电脑程序调变,并实时地在空间 中重新播布的结果。由于该程序的算法结构特性以及收 音机信号的不可预测性,只要程序在跑,声音结果就会 处在持续变化的状态,没有电子音乐里常见的重复音型。

这张唱片是二零零四年四月二十三日在上海索菲特海仑 宾馆完成的,同年十月十七日在西雅图 KEXP 电台道格· 海尔(Doug Haire)主持的老牌周播新音乐节目「声响无政 府」(Sonarchy Radio)中全球首播。

专辑的美术设计以类似的算法技巧生成,原始视觉材料是索菲特海仑宾馆附近南京东路上的霓虹灯照片。俞达 (Jutta Friedrichs) 参与了封 套设计。