Ben Houge, audio

I have music floating around various corners of the internet in places like SoundCloud. A lot of my music has been uploaded to YouTube by other people, but I make no guarantees as to the quality of whatever you may find there.

I've released three independent albums. The most recent, Chingachgook(s) (2010) is out of print (for the moment, at least), but you can download it here. In 2009 I released a rendering of my Radiospace installation, available on CD directly from me (excerpt below). I also may have a few copies left of the brief rock and roll EP 3 Heart-Shaped Cookies, a collaboration with the band 99 Men. All three may see downloadable reissues at some point.

The entire Arcanum soundtrack is available for free download from Arcanum fan site Terra Arcanum in high quality MP3 or lossless format. (Scores are available over on my Scores page.) But these days, it's probably just as easy to listen to one of many streams on YouTube, and you can also search for some of the many live performances.

And below are some downloadable MP3 files, for those who like to kick it old school. Click on a title below to hear the music. For best results, you may want to download the files to your computer before trying to play them (i.e., right-click and save target as...).

All tracks © Ben Houge except "Arcanum," "Half-Life PS2," "Larry Rolls the Dice," and "Song of the Sylph"
© Sierra Entertainment; and "EndWar" © Ubisoft Entertainment. All rights reserved.